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Aga Platform is a Fully Managed Cloud Mining platform geared towards the casual cryptocurrency miner. Unlike traditional cloud mining platforms we do not require contracts, large upfront buy-ins or charge any maintenance fees. We have simplified the process of cloud mining through the use of a smart utility token. Our customers simply purchase AGA Tokens to immediately start mining in a green-powered, low cost facility located in WA State. No more multi-month contracts, and large up front payments. Anyone can get started with just few dollars. Aga Platform is the easiest and fastest way to get started in mining crypto currencies.


AGA Token

Anyone can become a Cryptocurrency miner:

AGA Tokens allows anyone to profit from cryptocurrency mining without the need to invest in complex hardware and specialized mining facilities. Proceeds from sale of AGA Tokens are invested into Aga Platform – hardware and facilities, and mining returns are used to buy-back AGA Tokens. Aga Platform is the easiest and fastest way to get started in mining cryptocurrencies.


1. Ken is looking for a simple way to try profiting from cryptocurrency mining.

2. Ken invests $4,000 to rent mining hardware and facilities by purchasing 8,000 AGA Tokens.

3. We, at Aga Platform use Ken’s $4,000 to purchase best, most profitable miners available at the time, and start mining. In this example we will use two Antminer S17+.

4. Currently two Antminer S17+ profit ~$20 per day or ~$600 per month or ~$7,250 per year.

5. Every month we take the $600 of profit generated and either re-invest it into more equipment or use it to buy back AGA Tokens.

6. After 1 year we would have $7,250 to buy back Ken’s 8,000 AGA Tokens, almost doubling Ken’s money!

7. Here is where the flexibility of AGA Token – a utility token comes in: Ken can sell his tokens at any time, at current market price to anyone. We continually create demand for AGA Tokens by purchasing them at market prices with USD generated from our mining profits!

8. If Ken does not sell his tokens after 1 year, and continues to mine, he would generate another $7,250 the following year. Now we have $14,500 to buy back 8,000 of his tokens!

9. Eventually, after 3 to 4 years Ken’s equipment would become obsolete and would stop generating any profit. We could then use the profits to buy a next batch of miners or buy-back AGA Tokens – the decision is to Ken’s to make!


Buying AGA Tokens

 To get started: 

  1. You will need an account on waves.exchange or look for Waves.Exchange in the App Store, this is where you can store and ultimately sell your AGA Tokens.
  2. Buy AGA Tokens here.

For more instructions please visit – AGA YouTube Channel

VIP programs and discounts for large purchases are available by contacting Aga at aga@agaplatform.com.

Our WAVES Token symbol is AGA and Token ID is: Bakucws71RM1QhoHXYCwxCDE4bTXFSwivwnJXBhMK8vn

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